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Treasure Island

untitledYear 6 have just finished writing their stories on Treasure Island. Now they are writing a scene from there story and making it into a playscript. Watch this space for stories by 6K.

Induction Week 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th June 2015

  • Monday 1st June – Manziana Woods – team building
  • Tuesday – public holiday
  • Wednesday and Thursday – 2 day timetable in senior school
  • Friday – Creative Arts Day

    Manziana Woods

    Manziana Woods

Reach for the Stars Awards-Well done!


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This week Leon gained his gold award


And Julien gained his silver award…………………………..  Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!images (2)

CATS Skimbleshanks




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Maths Homework Extension


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